Reffell Family History

The Origins of the Reffell Family

DNA Analysis

DNA analysis suggests that during during Neolithic times some 5,000 years ago, our ancestors spread into Europe from Anatolia (eastern modern-day Turkey). Today, this grouping spreads across Iberia, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Greece, Arabic countries and into India.

Origin of the Surname REFFELL

Base name Raphael; Jewish/English/French from the Hebrew given name Refael

Harrison, H. (1918) Surnames of the United Kingdom – A Concise Etymological Dictionary Marland Press

Our surname has a contorted origin and is believed to be an Anglicised adoption of the French version of the Jewish given name RAPHAEL. Being relatively rare and unusual, it is often miss-spelt and many variants have been noted including:- RAFAL, RAFFEL, RAFFELL, REFFEL, REFFELLE, REVELL, RUFFLE and WREFFELL. Some of these variants are obviously ‘sound-alike's’, and there are also genuine variations - such as REFFIELD and REFFOLD. There are good reasons to suggest that these surnames had a common origin. Even today within the family the name is pronounced a number of ways - including REFFLE or REAFELL.