Breweries & Public Houses

The Reffell family has long been involved with the brewing trade and there have been four breweries owned within the family and another one which takes it’s name from the family.

  • Black Horse Inn & Brewery – (1817-1926) The first brewery in the family was established at Gomshall, Surrey near the lovely village of Shere where the old hop drying house is now the local history museum.
  • The Somers Arms & Reffells Bridge – (1853-1874) After losing a court case over a disagreement regarding his mother’s will, Henry Reffell moved to the east of the county and started a brewery at Redhill.
  • The Bexley Brewery & Reffell Bros. – (1874-1886) & (1886-1898) The Bexley Brewery was started when Henry moved from Redhill and after his death this was passed onto his two sons, Arthur Henry and William Robert, as the Reffell Brothers Brewery.
  • Reffells Bexley Brewery Ltd. – (1898-1956) In order to provide funds for expansion, the Reffell Bros. Brewery was capitalised as the Reffells Bexley Brewery Limited in December 1898.