First World War – Canadian Army (Canadian Expeditionary Force)

Canada as the senior Dominion in the British Empire was automatically at war with Germany upon the British declaration. There was popular support for the war amongst the English Canadians, and noticeably around 55% of the First Division were from men who were actually born in the United Kingdom. The Canadian Expeditionary Force consisted of 260 numbered infantry battalions, 2 named infantry battalions (The Royal Canadian Regiment and Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry), 13 mounted rifle regiments, 13 railway troop battalions, 5 pioneer battalions, as well as other service units. The Canadian Expeditionary Force was comprised mostly of men who had volunteered, as conscription was not enforced until January 1918. The Canadian Expeditionary Force lost 60,661 dead, representing just over 9% of the 619,636 who enlisted. Canadians who served are commemorated on the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

Robert Bruce McMartin – 76th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery. Born 29/5/1900 Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Next of kin: William John McMartin, 283 Kingsway Avenue, Winnipeg. Occupation: Clerk. Attestation: 29/10/1918 Winnipeg.

Stanford William Patrick (Stanley) Payte – Born 21/4/1888 Mark Cross, Sussex, England. Next of kin: Mrs Emma Payte, mother, Preston Park, Brighton, Sussex. Occupation: Blacksmith. Attestation: 29/1/1916 Winnipeg.

Clifford Henry Rattle – Born 11/2/1889 Somerset, England. Address: 47 St Clarens Avenue, Toronto. Occupation: Painter. Attestation: 16/1/1917 Toronto.

Harry Rattle – Private 887532 5th Battalion, Saskatchewan Regiment, Canadian Infantry. Died: 10/11/1917 Age: 53. Son of Henry and Mary Murray Rattle. Husband of Helen Kate Rattle, of Red House, Plumstead Rd., Norwich, England. Next of kin: Mrs Mary Bott, sister, 43 Winchester Road, St Margaret’s on Thames, Middlesex. Attestation: 17/5/1916 Yorktown, Saskatchewan.

Samuel James Rattle – Born 13/4/1895 Ontario. Next of kin: Mr Samuel Rattle, father. Occupation: Farmer. Attestation: 21/12/1915 Toronto.

William Frederick Rattle – Born 6/2/1893 Ontario. Next of kin: Mr Samuel Rattle, father. Occupation: Teacher. Attestation: 13/3/1916.

Information has been provided by the courtesy of Anne Vogt in Canada, and other information is from service records in the Canadian National Archives.