The Woodman, Blackfen

Designed by K Dalgliesh FRIBA & R Pullen ARIBA

Today, the name of the first owner of the Woodman, George Staples is commemorated as the current name of the pub. He had it built in 1845 and named it after his other occupation. This was carried on when his son William took over in 1863. The first lease of the Woodman was issued on 21/2/1899 between Jane Elizabeth Staples of Blenheim Cottage Blackfen and William Robert & Arthur Henry Reffell to Reffells Bexley Brewery Ltd for a term of 50 years. The original building was parallel to the road.

During 1931 a new pub was built diagonally behind the existing one which was kept open until the one was ready, when it was then demolished. The pub was extended only seven years later and the series of photographs below illustrate it’s spartan nature, which was very typical of the time.

Woodman Blackfen 1930 s
Woodman Blackfen 1931
Woodman new
Woodman plan
Woodman rear
Woodman saloon
The Saloon
Woodman dining hall
The Dining Hall
Woodman tap room
The Tap Room
Woodman Blackfen 1
The Woodman today as the George Staples
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