Website Policies

Like all responsible websites, the Reffell Family History website operates to a set of policies as listed below. This is especially important in genealogy where a sensitive and cautious approach should always be taken.

  • The aim of the Reffell Family History website is to celebrate the rich heritage of all the family who share the surname of Reffell or who are in some way connected to it. The way that it does this is to provide both online resources and a contact place for anyone interested in the Reffell Family History in particular and genealogy in general.
  • The website is only of an educational, informative and genealogical nature.
  • Any mention of a commercial organisation on the website is for information only, no endorsement or otherwise is meant, implied or given. There is no connection whatsoever between the website and any commercial organisation.
  • No reference will be found on this website to any living person, except where that person has given explicit consent.
  • All information submitted to the website shall be considered confidential and will not be published without the consent of the owner of that information.
  • If there is an objection to any information being displayed on this website, please get in touch.
  • Most of the information contained on this website has been generously provided from private collections for the benefit of the genealogical community. Copyright of others is respected and where possible credit is given to the provider/copyright owner. Similarly, it is requested that the copyright of images and text on this website is respected by all users.
  • An attempt has been made to thank as many people as possible for their help over the last thirty years, apologies are given in advance if anyone has been left off the list unwittingly.
  • The photographs used on this website are usually compressed to reduce bandwidth and to speed up page loading, and also contain digital watermarking. If there is any photograph that you would like a clean copy of, please get in contact and (copyright allowing) a higher resolution image can be provided.
  • As far as possible, all information shown on this site is believed to be factual, except where it is stated otherwise. Obviously mistakes and errors can occur, so if any are found it would be appreciated if they could be notified – thanks!
  • The cost of running this website, together with the many years of research behind it, is all privately funded by the website owner who can be contacted on the Get in Contact page..