The first recorded instance found so far being the baptisms of Henry (1572), Alice (1576) and Ellen (1578) to Anthony Reffell and an unrecorded spouse at St Mary Worplesdon. In the next century there are baptisms in Ewhurst during 1659 and just over the Sussex border there are baptisms, marriages and burials between 1680 and 1714 at St Laurence Lurgashall.

1664 William Reffell pays Hearth Tax for one hearth at Ewhurst
1664 William Reffell at Ewhurst and Henry Reffew living at Woking
1746 John Reffell is born
1771 John Reffell marries Elizabeth Terry at Abinger
1775 Elizabeth wife of John is buried at Shere
1776 John Reffell marries Ann Burchatt at Cobham
1779 John Reffell pleads for money to pay for doctors bill – Thomas Reffell’s wife’s broken leg £2-2s-0p
1787 Seats in Shere church are paid for by John
1781 Joseph Refell marries Edith Newman at Hartley Wintley
1781 John Reffell baptised is at Shere
1788 Infant John Reffell is buried
1790 John is living in Upper Street, Shere
1791-8 John Reffell is paid for some beer by the Reverend George Bray
1794 James Reffell son of John & Ann is buried
1795-9 John & Ann Reffell are living at Denton, Upper Street, Shere
1786 Joseph Reffell is baptised at Shere
1797 John Reffell is the occupier of The White Horse, Shere
1798 John Reffell is buried at Shere
1805 James Reffell serves on HMS Defence at the Battle of Trafalgar
1806 John Reffell marries Mary Ann Luxford at Chidingford
1807 Elizabeth Reffell wife of John is buried at Shere
1808 John Reffell is baptised at Shere
1812 John Reffell buys the Black Horse Gomshall
1814 John Reffell marries Elizabeth Smith at West Horsley
1817 Henry Reffell obtains Settlement Certificate for Shere
1817 Henry Reffell is baptised at Shere
1823 William Joseph Reffell is baptised at Shere
1825 John Reffell is named as the father of Mary Allen’s illegitimate baby
1824 Joseph Reffell becomes Colonial Secretary & Superintendent in Sierra Leone
1829 Joseph Reffell dies in Sierra Leone
1830 The Reffell Malthouse at Shere is built
1830 The Chestnuts at Gomshall is built
1830 Henry Reffell is shown on paupers list
1831 John Reffell buys Elm (now Seaforth) Cottage, Gomshall Lane, Shere
1838 Frederick Reffell marries Julia Agnes Head
1840 John Moy opens Moy’s Music Hall in Victoria Street
1844 Mary Reffell is the occupier of Seaforth Cottage
1855 Dorking Trade Directory – John R Reffell (Farmer), William J Reffell (Brewer)
1856 Edward Forrester Reffell marries Caroline Elizabeth Leshley
1865 Elizabeth Reffell dies leaving two conflicting wills to be contested
1865 Henry Reffell opens the Redhill Brewery
1874 Henry Reffell leaves Redhill opens the Bexley Brewery
1877 Madam Caballero dies and leaves nothing to the family
1880 John Milne invents the Seismograph
1881 Bobby Abel makes his first-class cricketing debut
1883 Henry Joshua Reffell leaves London and takes his family to South Wales
1883 Horace enlists in the Royal Scots Regiment
1886 Reffell Brothers Brewery opens
1896 The Cable visits Yeoveney and Horton farms
1897 John Henry Reffell is granted the Freedom to the City of London
1898 The Reffell Brothers capitalise the Brewery as Reffell’s Bexley Brewery Limited
1900 Louise Josephine Masset is hanged for murder
1900 Herbert and Amelia Reffell lose four children in six days to illness
1904 Bobby Abel retires from first-class cricket
1904 Arthur Henry Reffell becomes an American citizen
1913 John (Earthquake) Milne dies
1914 Frank Leslie Reffell leaves for Australia
1914 George Thomas Reffell is granted the Freedom to the City of London
1914-1918 The First World War
1919 Charles Edmund Reffell is granted the Freedom to the City of London
1922 Herbert William Reffell moves to Wiltshire and opens a butchers shop
1926 The Gomshall brewery is closed
1927 Reffells Motor Works opens in Gomshall
1928 Eric Robot is exhibited at the Society of Model Engineers in London
1933 Weybrook is sold following the death of Alfred John Reffell
1937 Reffells Service Station opens on the new Guildford by-pass
1939 William Scoresby Routledge dies
1939-1945 The Second World War
1956 Reffell’s Bexley Brewery Limited is closed
1980 Reffell’s Wiltshire butchers shop closes