The Reffell Family History Website…

This website celebrates the history and heritage of the Reffell family. This includes all those with other surnames who are connected in any way.

Within here are many historical articles about people in our family. There are pages about where they lived, worked, married, worshipped and ultimately died. There are sections to honour those who were involved in the many conflicts around the world. Other sections include some of the places where our family lived and the many churches where they attended. There are also a couple of mini-websites which explore related subjects in more detail.

There are times however, when genealogical research can throw up some quite disturbing issues and this is where a sensitive and cautious approach should always be taken. The website operates to some website policies in order to try to avoid offence of any kind. As is often said, the past was a different country. Some things that happened in the past can be quite unacceptable and painful to us today. Alternatively, things that shamed our ancestors, such as illegitimacy, does not have the same effect on society today. Our family history does not need to rewritten, but studied and understood in the context of the time.

A great big thank you goes to everyone who has been in contact with the Reffell Family History website. It has now been on the Internet for over twenty years. Over those years the appearance of the website has changed, this can be seen in various screenshots.

Family history is such a fascinating interest and I have been absorbed in it for most of my adult life. If you are perhaps interested, you may like to read about how I got involved in this incredible hobby.

So many fantastic contributions to the website have very kindly been made by both individuals and organisations. I have tried to list and thank everyone who contributed. Further contributions are always very welcome. Please keep them coming in. It is always a great thrill to hear from you!

So, if you are a seasoned genealogist or just vaguely interested in family history, I hope that there is something of interest here for you.

Uncle Reff