Everyone in a family is special in their own way, it is just that for the researcher most people leave little more than a very basic trail for the future. It is the aim of this website to try and ensure that as many as possible are remembered as more than simply a name on a few pieces of paper.

Anthropologist and Explorer – William Scoresby Routledge

Australian Wool Merchant – James Twycross

Australian Soldier of the First World War – Herbert Alfred Reffell

Baker & Pork Butcher of Godalming – Charles Burchatt

Bookseller & Stationer of Great Portland Street – Henry Hatch Reffell

Butcher of Wiltshire – Herbert William Reffell

Cabman of Paddington – John William Reffell

Chronicler of the Rattle Family – Thomas Watson Rattle

Early Robot Maker – Alan Herbert Reffell

The Engineering Tophams – Ovid Topham, George Topham, George Ovid Topham

Farm Boy to South Australia – Frank Leslie Reffell

Foreign Office Diplomat – Joseph Reffell

Inventor of the Seismograph – John Milne, Geologist

Music Hall Proprietor – John Moy

The Mysterious Madame Caballero – A Tunbridge Wells Belle

Pipe Makers of Bury St Edmunds – Samuel & Elizabeth Reffell

Professional Cricketer – Robert (Bobby) Abel

Royal Flying Corps Pilot & American Businessman – George Edward Reffell

A Sad Tale – Louise & Manfred Masset

Sailor & Coastguard– William Reffell

Sailor & Soldier of the American Civil War – Edward Forrester Reffell

Sailor of the First & Second World Wars – Frank Alexander Reffell

Servant to the Sambourne Family – Emma Reffell

Soldier of the Queen before the First World War – Horace Reffell

Solicitor & Landlord – William Henry Reffell

Victualler of Shere & Goose Gaggle Green – Joseph Reffell

Waterman of Bermondsey – James Reffell