Uncle Reff & Chums

Uncle Reff appeared during the 1920s & 1930s with a whole host of congenial chums who helped him celebrate life with a Reffells Beer. Often he was seen wearing a top hat and formal clothes, even at home he would wear a smart smoking jacket and hat. At other times he would be more casually dressed, like when he went to the races with his nephew Knut Browne. Occasionally he could be very casual, such as when he went on holiday or hiking in shorts.

He was however never seen without his Reffells beer, at home, at the races, or sticking out of his suitcase or backpack on holiday. Even when playing golf, he tees off the top of a Reffell’s beer bottle.

In fact, he loved his Reffells beer so much that he was always singing it’s praises.