Golders Green Crematorium, Hoop Lane, London

Golders Green Crematorium and Mausoleum was opened in 1902, the first crematorium to be opened in London, and one of the oldest in the UK. Cremation was not legal in Great Britain until 1885 with the first crematorium being built in Woking. The crematorium in Golders Green was designed by the architect Sir Ernest George and the gardens were laid out by William Robinson. The crematorium is a red brick building in Lombardic style and was built in stages, and by 1939 the site was largely completed. Since opening, more than 323,500 cremations have taken place at Golders Green Crematorium, far more than any other British crematorium. It is estimated that the crematorium now averages around 2,000 cremations a year.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission memorial commemorates 496 British and Commonwealth military casualties of both World Wars who were cremated here, fourteen of who were holders of the Victoria Cross.

Those known to have been cremated here:
Henri Louis Guillermo Cadisch, age: 35, cremation date: Novembr1918
Richard Ernest Cadisch, age: 60, cremation date: 1921
Leonie Ernestine Mary Anne Masset, age: 61, cremation date: 1923
Mary Ann Hewitt, age: 64, cremation date: April 1956
Richard Edward Cadisch, age: 46, cremation date: 24 April 1970
Frederick Stanley Reffell, age: 75, cremation date: 1 November 2004