Hastings Borough Cemetery & Crematorium, The Ridge, Hastings, East Sussex

The Borough Cemetery & Crematorium is managed by Hastings Borough Council. Although not greatly picturesque in itself, the cemetery does command very nice views over the town and surrounding countryside.

There are 176 First World War and 69 Second World War military burials (7 being from the German forces), together with a large number of civilian war deaths. Being so close to the English Channel, there are a large proportion of navy burials, including one man from the local fishing fleet.

Those known to have been buried here:
Annie Marguerite Reffell, age: 87, burial date: 15 November 1967

Those known to have been cremated here:
Emily Caroline Reffell, age: 92, cremation date: 1959, ashes scattered at St Michael, Horton, Buckinghamshire
Doris May Reffell, age: 79, cremation date: 1982