Christ Church, North Brentor, Devon

Christ Church is technically not a church, but a chapel of ease. It lives in the shadow of it’s more famous neighbour which is the actual parish church on the hill of St Michael de Rupe. It also does not have the feel of a country church. Although being Victorian, it uses various styles from the medieval period onwards in a practice that was not approved of by the Diocese of Exeter at the time.

It was designed by George Wightwick, a well known Plymouth architect and inside is a cosy interior, with bare stone walls and woodwork installed in the 1930s. The walls were originally plastered, but this was removed about the same time the new woodwork was installed.

Those known to have been married here:
Kenneth Merrall Fox and Joan Reffell, marriage date: 1 February 1960

Those known to have been buried here:
William Douglas Reffell, age: 75, burial date: March 1962
Kenneth Merrall Fox, age: 79, burial date: April 1992
Joan Fox, age: 87, burial date: April 2003