St Mary, Worplesdon, Surrey

Worplesden parish is just to the north of Guildford and includes Worplesdon, Fairlands and Wood Street Village. There are two churches in the parish; St Mary Worplesdon, and St Alban Wood Street Village only dating back to 1925 and the present building dates back to 1967.

Parish registers of this age are quite challenging to read, often in Latin and the surname spelling found varies between Rafel, Refel and Reffell, sometimes even for the same person. For consistency, all the following are listed here as Reffell.

Those known to have been baptised here:
Henry Reffell, baptism date: 1 March 1572
Alice Reffell, baptism date: 25 March 1576
Ellen Reffell, baptism date: 5 October 1578