1911 – Scotland

This branch in the Greenock area of Scotland had began when Alfred Reffell from Kent had married the Scottish girl Margaret Lindsay in 1860. They had both died a while ago, but their descendents were still living only streets apart in 1911.

Alfred James Reffell was working in a local shipyard in Greenock, although he was to join the army in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders before the start of the First World War. Unfortunately he was to be sent to Gallipoli and died on the peninsular in 1915.

Alfred was living at 9 Hope Street in Greenock with his remarried mother Annie Murray McKinnon, his uncle Charles and aunt Elizabeth, and two step brother William & Charles. According to the census return, the place where they were living in consisted of only two rooms.

Alfred’s step father was living at 19 Ingleston Place in Greenock with his daughter Agnes from an earlier marriage. They both worked in a chemical factory.

Alfred’s uncle John Reffell and his wife Mary Brown Robertson were living at 4 Lyle Street in Greenock and also working in a shipyard, as a tinsmith. Although John and Mary did not have any surviving children at this time, their house was busy as they living with her mother Julia, bothers Thomas & Edward and sisters Julia, Janet & May. Meanwhile, his aunt Margaret Reffell and her husband David Bowie were living at 15 Hope Street, with their children; Thomas, William, Alfred, Margaret & David.