Warrant Engineer Thomas Edward Charles Hallett

HMS Fiji, Royal Navy

Died on Friday, 23rd May 1941 aged 29

Personal Information:
Son of Thomas Bartlett Hallett and Emily Hallett. Husband of Violet Miriam Hallett (nee Reffles), of Southsea, Hampshire. Violet was the daughter of Albert Edward Jenkins Reffles.

Historical Information:
HMS Fiji was the lead ship of the Fiji class light cruisers built for the Royal Navy shortly before the Second World War. Completed in mid-1940, she was initially assigned to the Home Fleet and was detached to escort a force tasked to force French West Africa to join the Free French. The ship was torpedoed en route and required six months to be repaired. Fiji was then assigned to Force H where she helped to escort convoys to Malta. The ship was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet in early May 1941. After the Germans invaded Crete a few weeks later, she was sunk by German aircraft on 22 May after having fired off all of her anti-aircraft ammunition.

Panel 45, Column 3; Portsmouth Naval Memorial