St Peter & St Paul, Albury, Surrey

The Old St Peter and St Paul in Albury dates from Saxon times. Following the policy of harassment of the local villagers by 1819, there was little left of the village apart from the inn and the old church which was in a poor state of repair. The villagers had moved about a mile away to Weston Street, which then took over the name of Albury.

In 1839 Henry Drummond who owned the Albury Estate was granted permission by the Bishop of Winchester to build a new church there, also to be called St Peter and St Paul, and the old church was closed in 1841. The new church is of a Romanesque Victorian style in ornamented red brick. Inside it is large, bright and airy.

Unfortunately most of the original stained glass windows were destroyed or damaged by a flying bomb that fell on Weston Wood in 1944, and only three original lights remain.

Those known to have been baptised here:
Harriett Alma Prikler, baptism date: 15 January 1855