St Pancras New Church, Euston Road, London

St Pancras New Church was built during 1819-22 to replace the ancient St Pancras Old Church. Today it is one of the most important 19th-century churches in England and is a Grade I listed building.

The original parish of St Pancras stretched from Oxford Street almost to Highgate. By 1847 the old church was derelict, but as the local population grew it was decided to restore it and in 1863 it regained its status as the principal church of a new parish. The two parishes were then referred to separately as Saint Pancras, Pancras Road (ie the Old Church, but a new parish) and Saint Pancras, Euston Road (ie the new church completed in 1822, but the original parish).

The total cost of the building, including land and furnishings, was £76,679, making it the most expensive church to be built in London at that time since the rebuilding of St Paul’s Cathedral. It was designed to seat 2,500 people.

The church has a Grade I listing from English Heritage, as an important early example of the Greek Revival architecture. It is mostly built from brick, faced with Portland stone. The portico and the tower are entirely of stone. All the external decoration, including the capitals of the columns, is of terracotta.

Those known to have been baptised here:
Jane Headland, baptism date: 22 May 1847
Maria Headland, baptism date: 20 November 1847
Susannah Headland, baptism date: 2 March 1852
Annie Reffell, baptism date: 6 January1864

Those known to have been married here:
Frederick Smith and Mary Ann Reffell, marriage date: 12 February 1842
Robert Dace Lyell and Elizabeth Jenkins, marriage date: 17 July 1852
Henry William Headland and Harriett Salter, marriage date: 15 January 1855
William Joseph Reffell and Emma Lavinia Smith, marriage date: 23 January 1856
George Wyeth & Elizabeth Burchatt, marriage date: 11 May 1865
Albert John Watkins and Jane Headland, marriage date: 23 December 1866