Hendon Park Cemetery, Holders Hill, London

Hendon Park Cemetery was opened in 1899 on fields belonging to Dollis Farm, by the Abney Park Cemetery Company which would become the largest private cemetery company in the UK. The crematorium was added in 1922 being built within the cloisters that adjoined the chapel. The cemetery and crematorium was sold to Hendon Council in 1954 with considerable expense being needed to bring it up to standard. Following this acquisition, the word ‘Park’ appears to have been dropped from the name. In terms of use, it is estimated that the number of cremations carried out has been approximately only a tenth of those carried at nearby Golders Green Crematorium.

Being set within 42 acres of parkland, nowadays in this cosmopolitan area there are sections for the Greek, Muslim and Japanese communities.

There is a war memorial at the eastern end of the cemetery that commemorates twenty seven men who died on active service in the Second World War including two holders of the Victoria Cross.

Those known to have been buried here:
George Alfred Dane, age: 21, burial date: 29 March 1945 (also commemorated on the war memorial)
Mary Ann Reffell nee Jones, age: 80, burial date: 7 March 1938
Elizabeth Hannah Reffell nee Rattle, age: 67, burial date: 15 August 1962
Arthur Edward Reffell, age: 70, burial date: 17 December 1964